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We are a fast growing high-tech company and we are always on the lookout for talented people. Do you want to hit the ground running? Can you handle responsibility and flexibility from day one? We offer you one of a kind projects, an awesome company culture and a dynamic team of engineers, researchers and craftsmen.

MOCS is specialized in very complex analysis of heavy structures, which requires highly skilled people.

Ir. Stijn Jansen – Project engineer

At MOCS you have great freedom, but also large responsibilities, making it a challenging job.

Ir. Anande Bergman – R&D engineer

I contributed in the development of a new bridge for the people of Sierra Leone

Leon Hardenberg – Intern from Civil Engineering

My drive is to combine theory with practice. At MOCS I have the best of both worlds.

Pradeep Pandurangi – Graduate from Aerospace Engineering

Who are we looking for?

We encourage candidates who seek an entrepreneurial or technical challenge to apply for one of our vacancies.

Fulltime Structural Engineer

We are  looking for a fulltime Structural Engineer:

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What do you do at MOCS?

Ir. Stijn Jansen
Since I joined MOCS I have been involved in a diversity of high level engineering projects, pushing my technical, social and organizational skills. Our highly motivated team strives for the best, making working at MOCS both challenging as inspiring.

Ir. Kristian Schmidt
I work everyday on innovative projects with top industry players. I believe that MOCS provides the unique combination between applying fundamental engineering know-how with entrepreneurship.

Still a student?

Read what some of our interns and graduates did at MOCS

Pradeep Pandurangi – graduate student Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology

My master thesis project is focused on developing a joining technique for composite pipes based on b-stage resin systems. The project involves not only designing the joint but also fabricating and testing them – this requires me to learn and apply and broad range of skills. The first part of the project involves developing concepts of various joint configurations and making a trade-off study to select the most promising concepts. The selected concepts are then studied in detail using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). And finally, prototypes are fabricated using filament winding and then tested to prove the joint strength.

The best part about MOCS is the team, working alongside other innovative and motivated engineers encourages me to do my best.

Okko Coppejans – intern student Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology

During my internship at MOCS I got the opportunity to investigate a unconventional load case on their composite bridges. The impact from shod horses during walk or trot on the composite deck is a very interesting case due to great forces applied on a relatively small area. In this research I investigate the impact characteristics and the behavior of the laminate under these circumstances. This is a unique combination of theoretical and practical work where MOCS provides excellent guidance throughout the research process and by bringing me into contact with top researchers that help me with this challenge.

Beside academic guidance, MOCS provides a great learning experience while keeping an appropriately professional working environment.

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