Proven technologies brought to the market

MOCS brings proven innovations to the market in spin-offs and joint ventures. Our products are focused on the durability and efficiency of the maritime, offshore and civil industry. Over the last years, we have developed capabilities ranging from engineering and production to software and electronics.


FWD Bridges

VIKTOR makes specialised software for the engineering industry.
It automates calculations of complex engineering problems and condenses the design and engineering process to customer-specific requirements. This way, VIKTOR enables design and engineering teams to fasten design processes, save costs by optimised designs, and reduce risks and errors.

FWD SmartCompositeBridges is originated from MOCS, and acquired by Groot Lemmer Bruggen in 2016. FWD Bridges builds smart bridges of a fiber reinforced composite. These bridges are equipped with sensors to measure temperature, acceleration, deformation and loading. This way, FDW allows responsible parties to monitor the behaviour and the ageing of the bridges.

CODURE provides safe and durable fitting systems that enable easy connection of pressurised Cured-in-Place pipes (CIPP). Our unique technology makes it possible to let the CODURE fitting bind with the composite liner within the host pipe, ensuring easy installation of reliable fittings that fit in your installation process.